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How did Princess Diana change the rules of fashion forever? Lifestyle 

How did Princess Diana change the rules of fashion forever?

The incomparable beauty, Diana, Princess Of Wales, revolutionized the world of fashion with her impeccable style & panache! Let us take a look at some of her best known outfits!

Februrary 1981

When the world saw Charles put and engagement ring on Diana’s finger, they were delighted!

Look how innocent does this 19 year old to-be princess looks like!


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July 1981

This was a fairy tale wedding as the world watched it. Diana looked every bit of a royal bride, right out of the fantasy world of millions! Her wedding dress had a 25-foot long train – the longest in royal wedding history.


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June 1983

Princess Diana attends the movie premier in style! How did she look so marvelous all the time?!


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November 1985

An iconic image of Princess Diana with John Travolta! She was the definition of grace & class!


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February 1989

She came and she conquered New York in February 1989! Such was her magic!


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June 1994

Now here is the look of the ‘Revenge Dress’, as it so came to be known when Diana wore it to a party on the same day Prince Charles confessed to having an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles! She wore a massive pearl choker to complete the look! Stunning, right?

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May 1995

She looks like she could launch a million rockets with that scintillating smile of hers!


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Such was the legacy of this people’s princess. We salute you Lady Diana.


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