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5 things you should stop doing & be a better kisser Lifestyle 

5 things you should stop doing & be a better kisser

Who don’t want to be kisser like Emran Hashmi & Bipasha Basu. Here are the top 5 things you should strictly not to do while kissing

Don’t use your tongue as Hammer

Using your tongue as Hammer is a worst thing to do. This can be the end of your relationship. This is also symbolic of heightened levels of immaturity. Remember not to go at it with your tongue out.  Put your tongue out only when your lips are locked & only if your partner loves to play with it.

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Let your partner breath

It is important to give your partner some breathing space. Do not impulse too rigid. It can be very irritating to kiss a person who bites into his or her partner. Keep it mild and calm. This will help to boost the excitement as well.


Don’t use boring jokes

This can be a major problem especially for guys. Using boring can make your guy lose the enthusiasm and excitement. This can lead to your partner making judgements about you and lead to further undesirable hitches.


Stop dodging 

Why would you want to dodge if kissing is what you want to do? This portrays your disinterest and can lead your lover to make assumptions about your attraction towards him or her. I mean why do you want to dodge it is the ultimate thing you want.

T,V, and Films, 16th January 1954, San Francisco, USA, Legendary Hollywood Film actress Marilyn Monroe prepares to kiss her husband former US Baseball player Joe DiMaggio after their wedding  (Photo by Popperfoto/Getty Images)

For God sake please Don’t Burp

It would surely grouse your lover. The whole heaven gets screwed if you or your companion burp. So make sure you don’t burp. It can really mess up the things for you, specifically if you’ve eaten something that smells evil.



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